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The wheel bolt pattern, especially the 6-lug design, is a fundamental aspect of Chevrolet vehicles, affecting everything from aesthetics to performance. For both Chevrolet enthusiasts and owners, comprehending this 6-bolt configuration is essential. This article offers insights into its significance, common applications, and the impact it has on your Chevy’s wheels and overall driving experience.

The Chevy 6-Bolt Pattern & Its Benefits

The Chevrolet 6-bolt pattern is 6×5.5 inches (6×139.7 mm), commonly used in trucks and SUVs. This specification signifies that there are six evenly-spaced lug holes on the wheel hub. The diameter between any two opposing bolt holes measures 5.5 inches or 139.7 millimeters.

6x5.5 Wheel Bolt Pattern
6×5.5 Wheel Bolt Pattern

The 6-bolt pattern provides increased stability and load-bearing capacity, making it suitable for larger, robust vehicles like the Chevrolet Silverado, Suburban, and Tahoe. This pattern is also known for its durability and ability to handle the demands of off-road driving and heavy towing.

It’s essential to understand the lug design when selecting aftermarket wheels for your Chevy vehicle. The correct pattern ensures a proper fit and safe operation. Using wheels with the wrong bolt pattern can lead to alignment issues, uneven tire wear, and, in extreme cases, affect the vehicle’s handling and safety.

A Detailed Chart Of Chevy 6-Lug Models

At Stockton Wheel, we have worked with many Chevy models that come with six-lug wheels. However, according to our experience, the exact design might vary depending on the manufacturing year, so it’s best to consult your owner’s manual. Below are some cases in point:

Chevy ModelYear
Chevrolet Avalanche2001 – 2013
Chevrolet Astro1986 – 2006
Chevrolet Astro2007 – 2009
Chevrolet Blazer C15002004 – 2005
Chevrolet Blazer K15001992 – 2005
Chevrolet C10 Suburban1960 – 1991
Chevrolet K5 Blazer1969 – 1998
Chevrolet K10 Pickup1960 – 1998
Chevrolet Silverado 1500All generations

Other bolt patterns you can find in Chevy vehicles:

Vehicle ModelYearBolt Pattern (inches)
Chevrolet Avalanche 25002004 – 20095×5
Chevrolet Aveo2004 – 20124×3.94
Chevrolet Beretta1987 – 20055×3.94
Chevrolet Blazer C15001992 – 20035×5
Chevrolet C101960 – 19985×5
Chevrolet Camaro1986 – 20055×4.75
Chevrolet Cruze2012 – 20145×4.25
Chevrolet Caprice1971 – 19965×4.72
Chevrolet Colorado2004 – 20124×4.5
Chevrolet Equinox2005 – 20145×4.53
Chevrolet Express Van2000 – current5×5
Chevrolet Impala1994 – 19965×4.53
Chevrolet Kodiak Truck2003 – current8x 10.8
Chevrolet Malibu1997 – 20125×4.33
Chevrolet Pickup C35001989 – 20038×6.5
Chevrolet Silverado HD 2500All generations8×6.5
Chevrolet Silverado HD 3500All generations8×6.5

Note: Each gen of each model might have a different lug pattern.

Can You Measure The Chevy 6-Lug Pattern Similarly  To Other Patterns?

You can measure the 6-lug pattern similarly to other designs with even numbers of nuts (4 or 8 nuts). For Chevys with a 6-bolt pattern, you’ll need to measure the distance from the center of one lug to the center of the lug directly across from it (opposite lug). This is the diameter of the wheel lug circle. You can do this using a tape measure or a ruler, and remember to be as precise as possible. 

6-lug bolt pattern measurement
6-lug bolt pattern measurement

Meanwhile, a wheel hub with an odd number of lugs will require a different measurement guide. For example, if you have a 2012 Chevrolet Malibu with a 5-lug pattern, measure from the center of one lug to the back of the lug that’s 2 positions away (skip one lug) to get the distance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chevy 5 Lug Or 6 Lug?

Chevrolet (Chevy) vehicles can have both 5-lug and 6-lug wheel configurations, depending on the model. Many Chevy cars typically use a 5-lug pattern, while larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs, such as the Silverado and Suburban, often feature a 6-lug pattern.

When Did Chevy Go From 5 Lug To 6 Lug?

The transition from 5-lug to 6-lug wheel configurations in Chevrolet (Chevy) vehicles varied depending on the specific models. This change generally occurred when Chevy introduced larger and heavier vehicles like trucks and SUVs. Some Chevy trucks, such as the Silverado, began using 6-lug patterns in the late 1990s.

Are GMC And Chevy Bolt Patterns The Same?

GMC and Chevy often share the same or very similar bolt patterns, especially in their truck and SUV models. The most common pattern for these vehicles is 6×5.5 (6 lugs with a 5.5-inch spacing). This similarity allows for greater compatibility in terms of wheel interchangeability, making it easier for owners to find suitable aftermarket wheels that fit both vehicles.

The Bottom Line

The 6-lug pattern on wheels is the thread that ties performance, style, and safety together in your Chevrolet vehicle. It’s a vital consideration when upgrading wheels or choosing aftermarket options. Now equipped with this knowledge, you can confidently enhance your Chevy’s appearance and capabilities. Happy driving

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