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BMW has been around for decades, introducing hundreds of automobile models to drivers of all levels. Hence, it is no surprise confused beginners struggle to find a one-size-fits-all guide to BMW’s bolt pattern and flow-formed wheel sizing.

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What is The BMW Lug Pattern

Most BMW models have either 5x120mm (5×4.72”), meaning that they have 5 lug nuts forming a circle of 120mm in diameter. And its center bore measures 72.55mm. But some models come with a 5×112 (4×4.41″) lug pattern.

BMW Bolt Pattern

The following chart will delve further into each series and model: 

SeriesModel CodeGenBolt Pattern (mm)
BMW 1-SeriesE87 2004 – 20075 x 120
E88/ E82/ E81/E872007 – 2012
F21/ F202015 – 2020
F52, F402017 – 20245 x 112
BMW 2-SeriesF23/ F222013 – 20215 x 120
F442019 – 20245 x 112
G422021 – 2024
BMW 3-Series3 Series I/II1975 – 19944 x 100
3 Series III/V
3 Series IV (BMW 3-series E46 5 lug)
3 Series VI (F30 wheel)
1990 – 20035 x 120
BMW 4-SeriesF36/ F33/ F322013 – 20175 x 120
F36/ F33/ F32 Facelift2017 – 2020
G26/ G23/ G222020 – 20245 x 112
BMW 5-Series5 Series I to VI1972 – 20105 x 120
6 Gran TurismoG32/ G32 Facelift2017 – 20245 x 112
7 Series7 Series I to V1977 – 20155 x 120
7 Series VI/VII2015 – 20245 x 112
8 SeriesE311989 – 19995 x 120
G16/ G15/ G142018 – 20245 x 112
I Seriesi3/ G26 i4/ G70 i72013 – 20245 x 112
IXI20 iX/ U11 iX1/ G08 iX32020 – 20245 x 112
M2F872015 – 20215 x 120
G87 2023 – 20245 x 112
M3G802020 – 20245 x 112
M4F83/ F822014 – 20205 x 120
G83/ G822021 – 20245 x 112
M5F90 VI2020 – 20245 x 112
M8F93/ F92/ F912019 – 20245 x 112
X1X1 II/III 2019 – 20245 x 112
X2F39 X22017 – 20245 x 112
X3X3 I/II2003 – 20175 x 120
X3 III/M2017 – 20245 x 112
X4F26 X42014 – 20185 x 120
G02 X4/ F98 X4 M2018 – 20245 x 112
X5X5 I to III1999 – 20185 x 120
X5 IV2018 – 20245 x 112
X5 ME70/F852009 – 20195 x 120
F952019 – 20245 x 112
X6X6 I/II2008 – 20195 x 120
X6 III2019 – 20245 x 112
X6 ME71, F862009 – 20195 x 120
F962020 – 20245 x 112
X7G07/ G07 Facelift2018 – 20245 x 112
Z4Z4 I/II2002 – 20175 x 120
Z4 III2018 – 20245 x 112

Is It Possible to Modify The BMW Bolt Pattern? 

Yes. And even better, there are quite a lot of options to choose from. A common strategy is to purchase wheel adapters, which can adjust the patterns without changing your existing wheel hub. They come in numerous models and sizes, too, so feel free to browse. 

Another popular choice is spacers – which help move the plastic wheel pads off the hubs to upgrade the former’s offsets. 

Check out with the manufacturer or scour through search online reviews to ensure the wheel spacer size meets safety standards and works well with the car.

And if  – for some reason – both spacers and adapters are not available – the only choice left is to swap the entire BMW hub to change the pattern. Not all drivers have the expertise required to perform the task, so seeking professional help is best.

How to Measure The BMW Wheel Bolt Pattern? 

Thankfully, the process is straightforward. Just grab your measuring tape or ruler and follow my detailed mapping:

  • First, count the wheel lugs on the cast wheel sets. And, to be honest, that might not be really necessary – since all BMW models have five. 
  • Next, measure the pattern’s diameter. Start with one of the holes’ outer edges, then expand across the whole circle.
5x120 lug bolt
  • Measure until you reach the center bore of the most adjacent lug hole. The pitch circle diameter should either be 4.41 inches (112 millimeters) or 4.72 inches (120 millimeters).

What Cars Have The Same Lug Bolt Pattern As BMW

Standard wheels and cars that also have the common bolt pattern of 5×120 are from:

  • Acura
  • Cadillac
  • GMC
  • Chevrolet C/K 1500; Chevrolet Express / Van
  • Land Rover
  • Honda
  • Pontiac
  • Lexus
  • Volkswagen
  • Tesla
  • Ford Mustang; Ford Transit; Ford Expedition

Meanwhile, the 5×112 performance wheel clearance pattern thrives in:

  • Chrysler
  • Opel Corsa, Opel Meriva
  • Maybach
  • Volkswagen
  • Mercedes Benz; Mercedes E-Class; Mercedes A-Class; Mercedes M-Class / ML-Class; Mercedes Vito
  • Audi TT; Audi Coupe

Does A Bolt Circle Pattern Have To Be Exact? 

Yes, correct bolt patterns guarantee maximum tire life under harsh racing track temps. Incorrect patterns (even with just a gap of 2-3mm) may result in misaligning, excessive pressure on the aluminum wheel stud size, tire sidewall, and suspension components. 

These issues inevitably make the wheel weaker. Over time, vehicle vibrations, instability, and hardware failures are to be expected, sometimes even leading to catastrophic failure in the suspension arms, shooting brake, and ceramic brake rotor discs. Imagine the disaster that would follow if you could not stop the car in emergency situations!


A BMW chassis bolt pattern is either 5 x 120 or 5 x 112. Information regarding these patterns is always available in BMW alloy wheel diagrams; and even if you lose them, measurement is still a breeze. 

Remember these numbers to ensure proper wheel fitment and wheel size – whether factory or aftermarket wheels – and write to me if you still need more help on bolt patterns, racing wheel offsets, or wheel recommendations.

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