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Stockton Wheel Service has been providing specialty wheel and custom wheel services for over 124 years. As specialists in custom wheel repair and widening, our craftsmen breathe life back to damaged wheels and make your narrow OEM wheels FAT & TALL.

Stockton Wheel carries a full line of new wheels in addition to our custom wheel services. Whether you are looking for a cool set of Nostalgia Wheels for your Hot Rod or a custom set of Industrial Wheels, Stockton Wheel has a wheel for you!
Stockton Wheel Service is America's oldest Wheelwright and with age comes a lot of experience.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Trailor Running Gear, Front End Suspension and Hot Rod Suspensions. Call for details!CHROME WHEEL EXCHANGE - Are your stock OEM wheels too blah? Send us your vanilla OEM wheels and we'll sprinkle some wheel magic on them! Many great OEM options are available. High-Quality Show Chrome.
DO YOU NEED SPECIALTY WHEELS? Are you headed out? Way out? SWS can help you with your adventure. SWS has built wheels for many special projects. SWS is up to the challenge.TIRED OF RUNNING TUBE, SPLIT RIMS? Let the Wheelwrights' at SWS get you changed up to tubeless and disc brake outer. Ditch those tube rims for new tubeless rims that accept modern domestic tire sizes.
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Stockton Wheel FAQ

  1. What is required to customize my wheel?

    Call us for a quote, and download our customization form that is needed when sending your wheel to us.

  2. What is required to customize my wheel?

    Call us for a quote, and download our customization form that is needed when sending your wheel to us.

  3. I don't see wheels for my vehicle here. Do you have other wheels?

    SWS sells all brands of aftermarket wheels.

  4. How long will it take SWS to fill my order?

    Due to our volume of sales, You should expect 4 to 6 weeks of production time. Custom wheels are built per order, not pulled off the shelf.

  5. What information do you need from me in order to quote me a price?

    Vehicle, Suspension Type, and Tire Selection you want to run.

  6. Can SWS build me a custom set of OEM Wheels?

    SWS can build you any type of steel wheel.

  7. What's going to fit on my vehicle?

    The sales staff at SWS are the most knowledgeable in the industry. Don't be afraid to give us a call and allow us to assist you.

  8. Are Bead Locks available on 16.5" wheels?

    No, Bead Locks are not available for 16.5" wheels.

  9. How are my wheels shipped?

    SWS uses Fed Ex or UPS on request.

  10. Can you match my color?

    We powder coat all the popular colors and special order colors on request.

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