8×6.5 Bolt Pattern In mm: What Cars Have This Lug Pattern?

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A compatible bolt pattern is critical for the optimal functions of vehicles. Among the various options available, the 8×6.5 design stands out as a popular and versatile choice as it appears on a wide range of cars such as Chevrolet, Nissan, Ford, etc. If you have no idea about it, embark on a detailed guide below.

What Does The 8×6.5 Wheel Bolt Pattern Mean On Cars?

The 8×6.5-inch bolt pattern is an 8-lug wheel configuration. This means there are 8 lug bolts arranged to form an imaginary circle with a diameter of 6.5 inches. In some models, this pattern is also described as 8×165.1mm.

8x6.5 Wheel Bolt Pattern
8×6.5 Wheel Bolt Pattern

Either way, each figure contains important meanings. In detail, “8” shows the number of bolt holes designed to fit a wheel bolt. Meanwhile, “6.5” (inches) or “165.1” (mm) represents the spacing or pitch circle diameter (PCD).

For your convenience, any measurement of lug pattern has the same format: the number of lug bolts x the distance of holes in a circular way. Counting the number of studs is easy, but figuring out the PCD involves some basic techniques and fundamentals. 

In this specific case where the number of holes is even, the bolt circle measurement (bolt pattern diameter) is calculated as a straight line from the center of one random bolt to the opposite one.

8-lug wheels are lauded for their superior strength to withstand heavier weight to wheels with fewer bolts. 

What Cars Have The 8×6.5 Bolt Pattern?

Thanks to its outstanding solidity, you can find the 8×6.5-inch pattern on many famous SUVs and heavy-duty trucks. It’s also a common bolt pattern on commercial and utility trailers. Scroll down to learn an exhaustive list of vehicles with 8×6.5 lug designs below:

BrandModelManufacturing Year
ChevroletAvalanche 25002002 – 2006
V2500 Suburban1989 – 1991
C201976 – 1986
Suburban 25002000 – 2013
C20 Suburban1976 – 1986
C25001988 – 2000
Silverado 3500 HD2007 – 2010
C2500 Suburban1992 – 1999
Silverado 3500 Classic2007
Silverado 35002001 – 2010
C35001688 – 2004
Silverado 2500 HD Classic2007
Silverado 2500 HD2001 – 2010
Silverado 25001999 – 2010
Express 25002003 – 2023
Express 35001996 – 2023
Express Cargo2010 – 2023
Express Pasajeros2010 – 2023
Silverado 1500 HD Classic2007
Silverado 1500 HD2001 – 2003 and 2005 – 2006
G30 Van1971 – 1996
K201975 – 1987
K25001988 – 2000
K2500 Suburban1992 – 1999
K35001988 – 2000
Savana2010 – 2023
R20 Suburban1987 – 1988
R2500 Suburban1989 – 1991
DodgeRam 25001994 – 2010
Ram 35001994 – 2010
Ram 3500 Van1994 – 2003
DongfengMengshi2007 – 2014
FordE-150 Econoline2007 – 2014
E-250 Econoline1992 – 2014
E-350 Econoline1992 – 2019
F-2501973 – 1996
F-3501967 – 1997
GMCSavana 25001996 – 2023
Savana 35001996 – 2023
Yukon XL 25002000 – 2013
Suburban 25001973 – 2006
Sierra 2500HD1999 – 2010
Sierra 2500HD Classic2007
Sierra 3500 Classic2007
Sierra 3500HD1999 – 2010
HoldenSuburban1997 – 2001
HummerH11992 – 2006
H22002 – 2009
Mercedes-BenzG-Class2016 – 2018
NissanNV15002012 – 2021
NV25002012 – 2021
NV35002012 – 2021
RAM25002011 – 2023
35002011 – 2023


Can You Put 8×6.5 On 8×170?

Due to different configurations, it is impossible to directly put wheels with an 8×6.5 center hub onto a vehicle with wheels featuring an 8×170 bolt pattern. However, wheel adapters will come in handy if you want to do so.

There are four options to change bolt pattern including 1-inch, 1.5-inch, 2 inch and 3 inch. Of these, the first one is the safest due to the small distance between the two lug bolt patterns.

How Do You Measure A Lug Pattern?

To measure a lug pattern, follow these steps:

  • Look at the wheel or hub and count the number of holes where the lug nuts are located.
  • Choose any lug hole as the reference point. Measure the distance from this hole’s center to the opposite position’s center. For a wheel with an odd number of lugs, such as a 3-lug or 5-lug, start at the back of one stud to the center of the farthest one.
  • Determine the unit of measurement, as this spec can be measured in either inches or millimeters.
  • Specify the lug pattern which is typically represented as “X by Y,” where X is the number of lug holes, and Y is the distance between 2 opposite bolts.
Measure Your Chrysler 300 Wheel Bolt Pattern

How Do I Know What Bolt Pattern I Need?

To find your vehicle’s bolt pattern quickly, refer to the owner’s manual or look for information on the manufacturer’s official website. Plus, examine the current wheels on your vehicle, as some models are sometimes stamped or engraved with this spec.

If you cannot figure it out, measure the lug wheel yourself. Or else, visit a reputable automotive shop or consult a knowledgeable mechanic to determine the correct design for your specific model.


The 8×6.5 wheel bolt pattern is commonly used on trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. Understanding its meaning and compatibility with certain car models plays a key role in customizing or upgrading wheels to ensure they match the standard specifications. As a result, you can enhance your wheels’ aesthetics, performance, and safety, providing an optimal driving experience.

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