5×110 Bolt Pattern Vehicles: What You Need to Know

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In the realm of customizing your vehicle’s wheels or embarking on the search for replacement rims, there is a pivotal consideration—the bolt pattern. Among enthusiasts of automobiles, the 5×110 bolt pattern stands out as a favorite choice, recognized for its exceptional fusion of style and practicality. 

Within this comprehensive guide, we shall embark on a profound exploration of this lug design.

What is a 5×110 Wheel Bolt Pattern?

The 5×110 (or 5×4.33) bolt pattern consists of five bolt holes evenly spaced at 110 millimeters (approximately 4.33 inches) in a circular pattern on a vehicle’s wheel hub.

5x110 Wheel Bolt Pattern
5×110 Wheel Bolt Pattern

A bolt pattern refers to the arrangement and spacing of the bolt holes on a wheel or wheel hub. It’s a critical specification determining whether a particular wheel is compatible with a specific vehicle.

In terms of advantages, this style shows amazing compatibility with various automobiles, including midsize vehicles and even SUVs. Its inherent adaptability creates a wide range of wheel alternatives, enhancing your vehicle’s appearance and functionality. 

For one, a 5-lug design looks more aesthetic to most drivers, making it the perfect option for city drivers looking to improve their car’s appearance without sacrificing its on-road performance. That’s not to mention this pattern can handle more pressure (weight load than a 4-lug design, which can totally accompany bigger and heavier vehicles. Even when the wheel loses 1 bolt, the 4 remaining lug nuts are still safe enough for a short drive.

Nevertheless, despite its many benefits, the 5×110 pattern does present some difficulties. Given that customized bolt patterns can give better performance characteristics, it might not be the best option for high-performance vehicles or those seeking excellent handling skills. 

Additionally, compared to designs with greater market prominence, searching for specific wheel sizes or models made for the 5×110 pattern may be more difficult. It requires you to devote more effort and time to finding the ideal set of wheels.

What Cars Have The 5×110 Bolt Pattern?

Now that we’ve grasped the basics, let’s explore some examples of vehicles that have wheels with a 5×110 lug pattern. This updated table includes the specified car models, their brands, and model years.

BrandCar ModelModel Year
ALFA ROMEOAlfa Romeo Giulietta2010-2021
ALFA ROMEOAlfa Romeo Giulia2015-2024
ALFA ROMEOAlfa Romeo Stelvio2017-2024
ALFA ROMEOAlfa Romeo Tonale2022-2024
BAICBAIC D502014-2020
BAICBAIC Senova X552016-2020
BAICBAIC Senova Zhixing2018-2020
CHANGANCHANGAN Eado Plus2020-2024
CHANGANChangan Raeton Plus2021-2023
CADILLACCadillac BLS2005-2010
CADILLACCadillac Catera1997-2001
DONGFENGDongfeng Glory 3602015-2022
DONGFENGDongfeng Glory 3702016-2022
DONGFENGDongfeng Fengon 5002020-2023
DONGFENGDongfeng Glory i-Auto2020-2023
TESLATesla Roadster2006-2014
JEEPJeep Compass2017-2023
JEEPJeep Grand Commander2018-2022
JEEPJeep Meridian2021-2023
JEEPJeep Renegade 2014-2023


How do I know my bolt pattern?

To determine the lug configuration of your vehicle, you can follow these steps:

  1. Consult Your Vehicle’s Manual: The vehicle owner manual or specifications for your vehicle often contain information about the bolt pattern. Check the manual for wheel-related details.
  2. Inspect the Wheels: Look for any markings or labels on your vehicle’s existing wheels. Manufacturers often imprint wheel specifications, including the bolt pattern, on the backside of the wheel or the rim.
  3. Use a Bolt Pattern Gauge: These gauges have the right measurement and are made to fit over the lug bolts or holes.
  4. Measure Manually: If you don’t have a bolt pattern gauge, you can manually measure the bolt pattern diameter. Count the number of lug bolts or holes. This number represents the first digit in the bolt pattern (e.g., 5×112). 

Calculate the distance between the center of one lug hole to the back of the opposite nut. This measurement is the second digit in the bolt pattern (e.g., 5×112, where 112 is the distance in millimeters). 

  1. Consult Wheel Fitment Experts: Speak with a qualified mechanic or a wheel specialist if you have any questions about the procedure or want to ensure accurate measurements.

Remember that using the correct stud pattern is crucial when purchasing new wheels or rims to ensure a proper fit on your vehicle. Incorrect bolt patterns can lead to safety issues and damage to your vehicle’s suspension and wheel components.

Can You Put 5×110 on 5×112 with Wheel Adapters?

Certainly, it is indeed possible to adapt a 5×110 wheel to fit a 5×112 hub using wheel adapters. These adapters serve as intermediary pieces, altering the bolt pattern and allowing you to use wheels that wouldn’t typically match your vehicle’s hub configuration.

However, we recommend extreme caution and consult a professional about this modification. It’s crucial to select high-quality wheel adapters specifically designed for your vehicle and wheels to ensure safety and proper fitment. 

Additionally, be aware that wheel spacers or adapters may affect the offset and clearance of the wheels, so thorough research and expert guidance are essential before proceeding.


To sum it up, the 5×110 or 5×4.33 bolt pattern is a versatile pick for wheel enthusiasts, finding its place in a wide range of vehicle models, from luxurious sedans to rugged SUVs. Knowing its advantages and compatibility will enable you to make wise decisions regarding the customization or improvement of your wheels.

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