Chrysler 300 Wheel Bolt/Lug Pattern? (2004 – 2024)

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Knowing the 300 Chrysler bolt pattern will only do you good, particularly for car owners who want to change or update their wheels for better performance and safety.

Continue reading if you have the same concerns!

What Is An Ideal Bolt Pattern For A Chrysler 300?

All Chrysler 300 generations use the same lug bolt patterns of 5×4.53 inches (equivalent to 5×115 millimeters.)

  • The first number, “5,” refers to the number of lug nuts – equal to the lug bolt holes on the wheels of your Chrysler 300.
  • The second number, “4.53,” refers to the diameter circle formed by all nuts.
5x4.53 bolt pattern

For those who might not know, a pattern is used to bolt a wheel onto an automobile with lug bolts or nuts.

Selecting the correct bolt patterns is essential to secure a safe fit on the wheel, as nothing is more stylish than safety!

The following table of bolt patterns of the Chrysler 300 from 2004 to 2023 is for your reference:

Yea/ModelStandard wheel sizeWheel offsetHub center boreStud thread sizeLug bolt pattern
2004-2014 Chrysler 30017’’M or H71.514×1.55×4.53’’
2015-2020 Chrysler 30018’’-22’’M or H71.514×1.55×4.53’’
2021-2023 Chrysler 30017”-20’’M or H71.514×1.55×4.53’’
Sizes of lug pattern for Chrysler 300

Which lug patterns to choose might be based on several factors such as torque specifications, wheel sizes, standard tire sizes, tire assembly, negative offset or positive offset, center bore, thread size, trim level, etc. 

How To Measure Your Chrysler 300 Wheel Bolt Pattern?

If your Chrysler 300 model is not listed above or you want to measure your existing bolt patterns to double-check the compatibility, just prepare a ruler or a measuring tape.

  • If the number of wheel lugs is odd (5), you should place your measuring tool at the center of the lug to the opposite outer edge, particularly the midpoint between 2 opposing bolts.
  • Otherwise (for 4, 6, 8), you might measure from the center of lugs to the center of the directly-parallel lugs.
Measure Your Chrysler 300 Wheel Bolt Pattern
  • It is recommended to measure at least twice.

A bolt circle template is an alternative to get the most accurate measurement. You just need to slide the template over the pattern’s studs and read the markings rather than jack up your automobile or remove the tire.

How To Tighten Lug Pattern For A Chrysler 300?

Once you know the size of your Chrysler 300 bolt patterns, you can buy new patterns confidently.

Then, learn how to bolt your patterns properly. Secure bolt patterns ensure your wheels move stably on roads and are in better shape for longer. It also means a safer driver.

Interestingly, each type of bolt pattern requires different ways to be evenly torqued down. Here we focus on 5-lug patterns for Chrysler 300.

While many beginners naturally go one next to each other in a clockwise circle, we suggest tightening the wheel lugs in a cross pattern to reduce flexing and shifting, referring to the order:

  1. Top pattern
  2. Bottom-right pattern
  3. Top-left pattern
  4. Top-right pattern
  5. Bottom-left pattern
Tighten 5 Lug Pattern
Tighten 5 Lug bolt Pattern

In the first round, only tighten the five patterns halfway (with a wheel wrench/torque wrench or your hand) to keep them in the correct position. In the next round, you will apply the appropriate lbs-ft or Nm – around 130 lb-ft or 176 Nm for Chrysler 300 models.

Then, apply a center cap cover to protect the patterns from loosening or breaking.


How often should you tighten your Chrysler 300 bolt patterns?

For our Chrysler 300 alone, re-tighten the bolt patterns every thirty miles (equivalent to 48 kilometers.) If you suspect any loosening, you should tighten the patterns again with a proper force of 130 lb-ft.

How often should you replace your Chrysler 300 bolt patterns?

You should replace the patterns if you want to upgrade your new wheels or when you find the current patterns broken or torn over time.

Where to buy a Chrysler 300 bolt pattern?

lug bolt patterns of 5x4.53 inches

Any nearest garage will have the 5×4.53-inch bolt patterns as they are the most commonly produced.

In addition, you can shop online at Amazon, eBay, or some websites specializing in automobile parts and replacements.

Can I use 5×5-inch bolt patterns for Chrysler 300?


Besides the 5×4.53-inch bolt patterns, some automobile technicians claim you can use 5×5-inch patterns as alternatives since the dimensions are slightly different.

We would not suggest doing so – except when you measure your current wheels and find the same 5×5-inch diameter. Otherwise, the bigger patterns will not fully fit on the 4.53-inch center holes and cause loosening.


To sum up, you had better consider always buying 5×4.53-inch bolt patterns for your Chrysler 300 to ensure compatibility and safety. Remember to frequently re-check the lug bolt nuts and make sure that they are still in place and properly tightened.

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