Chevy S10 Wheel Bolt/Lug Pattern (1982 – 2024)

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How long haven’t you checked and replaced your Chevrolet S10 lug pattern?

Remember that your bolt patterns can get worn or damaged over time, which causes loose between wheels and your automobile. Believe me; without a proper check-up, you will not want to imagine the consequences.

In this article, I’ll show you how to check and find the correct fitment when it comes to replacing patterns.

Check it out now!

What Size Is The Chevy S10 Bolt Pattern?

The bolt pattern of the 1982-2004 Chevy S10 was 5×4.75 in (5×120.7 mm), but it has switched to a 6×5.5 in (6×139.7mm) lug pattern since 2012 until the latest model in 2023. The number 5 and 6 is the number of lug nuts, while the other figure is the diameter of the bolt circle.

The sizes of bolt circles mostly depend on your Chevrolet S-10 wheel specifications, such as wheel dimensions, tire sizes, tire sidewall, positive offset or negative offset, center bore, thread size, etc.

For example, the generations of Chevy S10 from 1982 to 2004 are compact pickup trucks. Their wheel diameters are around 14-16 inches in diameter. Thus, they use the standard 5×4.75″ bolt patterns.

5×4.75 lug bolt pattern
5×4.75″ bolt patterns

Since 2012, the Chevy S10 has got some makeovers for better performance, including a wider wheel of 16 to 18 inches. As a result, those new generations need a larger and more secure bolt pattern of 6×5.5 inches.

6×5.5 lug bolt pattern
6×5.5″ lug bolt pattern

Other Wheel Specs Of The Chevrolet S10

Chevy S10
Year/Model1982-1993 Chevy S101994-1997 Chevy S101998-2004 Chevy S102012-2016 Chevy S102017-2023 Chevy S10
Wheel diameter14 – 15 inches15 – 16 inches15 – 16 inches15 – 16 inches16 -18 inches
Wheel width6 – 7 inches7 – 8 inches7 – 8 inches7 inches6 – 8 inches
Center bore70.3 mm70.3 mm70.3 mm70.3 mm100.3 mm
Thread sizeM12 x 1.5M12 x 1.5M12 x 1.5M12 x 1.5M12 x 1.5
Wheel tightening torque129 Nm129 Nm129 Nm129 Nm190 Nm
Wheel fastenersLug NutsLug NutsLug NutsLug NutsLug Nuts
Bolt Pattern5×4.75 in (5×120.7 mm)5×4.75 in (5×120.7 mm)5×4.75 in (5×120.7 mm)6×5.5 in (6×139.7mm)6×5.5 in (6×139.7mm)

How To Measure S10 Lug Pattern?

While you can determine the sizes of your S10 lug bolt pattern by referring to the vehicle’s generation year, you might also measure the pattern on your own.

The measuring methods are different between 5-lug and 6-lug patterns, though.

Odd-Number Bolt Patterns (5 Lugs)

You can measure a five-lug pattern by placing your tape or ruler from one stud’s center hole to the outside of the third stud (meaning you skip a stud).

I usually measure the rear wheel since no hub is blocking the way. More importantly, measure twice, and cut once!

Measure S10 Lug Pattern
Measure S10 Lug Pattern

Even-Number Bolt Patterns (6 Lugs)

If you use the 2012-or-later model, your S10 bolt patterns usually have six lug holes. At that time, you must measure from the inside of one pattern’s stud to the outside of its opposing stud.

As mentioned above, you can remove the rear wheel to measure the distance more easily.

How To Tighten Your Chevy S10’s Wheel Bolts?

Tightening bolt patterns for Chevy S10 sounds easy until you have hands-on experience with the task. I would like to reveal some tips that will be helpful.

  • First, remove the wheel cover so you can measure the patterns properly.
  • Use your hand to tighten the wheel lugs halfway to fix the center distance. Then, use the torque wrench in the second round to properly tighten the patterns.
  • Tighten in a cross-ordering rather than going one next to each other, so the pattern will not easily move out of its central position.
  • Also, refer to the wheel tightening torque to apply an appropriate force on the bolt patterns – for instance, 129 Nm for models from 1982 to 2011 and 190 Nm for models since 2012.


What does 5×4.75 mean?

5×4.75 is an example of the pitch circle diameter of your bolt pattern, made up of the stud count and the measurement of the bolt circle:

  • The “5” refers to the number of lug holes.
  • The “4.75” indicates the full diameter in inches measuring across from one bolt to another.
5x4.5 lug bolt pattern
Measure Chevy Cruze Bolt Pattern

Sometimes, you can see the equivalent millimeter measurements of 5×4.75 inches, which is 5×120.7mm.

Where to get the Chevy S10 bolt pattern?

Just refer to the owner’s manual or a stamp on your wheels. Otherwise, apply the method above to measure it yourself.

Why do the new Chevy S10 models use 6×5.5’’ patterns?

The 6×5.5″ bolt patterns are useful because:

  • They improve your vehicle’s stability.
  • They also enhance the look of your trucks by allowing wider wheels and larger tire sizes.


My article is helpful for you to find out the exact fitment of the Chevy S10 bolt pattern. Remember that fitment ensures safety on your way, so it’s best to retorque these bolts every 50 miles or so.

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