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When it comes to enhancing the performance and aesthetics of your Mercedes, it’s not just about choosing the right wheels; it’s about ensuring they fit perfectly. The key to this precision lies in understanding the Mercedes bolt pattern. This seemingly unassuming set of numbers holds significant importance in achieving the desirable wheel fitment, ensuring both safety and style.

What Is The Mercedes Wheel Bolt Pattern?

Most Mercedes models come with a 5×112 or 5×4.41 lug pattern. The first number, ‘5,’ signifies the number of bolt holes on the wheel hub, while the second number denotes the diameter (112 mm or 4.41 inches) between the center of one bolt hole to the back of another across the hub.

5x112mm lug pattern
5x112mm lug pattern

However, during our work at Stockton Wheel, we have come across some Mercedes models with different bolt patterns, which we will detail below. The accuracy of this measurement is vital because it ensures the wheels are securely attached to the hub, preventing accidents and maintaining optimal performance.

Bolt Pattern & Other Wheel Specs On Each Mercedes Model

To make your wheel selection process easier, here’s a table guide with some common Mercedes-Benz models and their respective lug patterns.

Car ModelModel YearBolt Pattern (mm)Center Bore (mm)Thread SizeWheel Torque (Nm)
A-Class1997 – 20045×11266.6M12x1.5Unknown
A-Class2005 – 20125×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
A-Class2013 – 20175×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
A-Class2018 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5125
A-Class AMG2013 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5130
AMG GT2014 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5180
AMG GT 42014 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
B-Class2005 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
C-Class1993 – 20075×11266.6M12x1.5110
C-Class2007 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5130
C-Class AMG2008 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5130
Citan2012 – 20214×10060.1M12x1.5110
Citan2021 – Present5×114.366.1M12x1.5Unknown
CLA-Class2013 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
CLA-Class AMG2013 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
CLS-Class2004 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
CLS-Class AMG2004 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
E-Class1993 – Present5×11266.6M12x1.5110
E-Class All-Terrain2017 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
E-Class AMG2002 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
E-Class Cabriolet2009 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5130
E-Class Coupe2009 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5130
EQA2021 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5150
EQB2021 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5150
EQC2019 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5150
EQS AMG2022 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
EQE2022 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
EQE AMG2022 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5150
EQS2021 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
EQV2020 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
G-Class1979 – Present5×13084.1M14x1.5130
G-Class AMG1999 – Present5×13084.1M14x1.5130
GLA-Class2013 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
GLA-Class AMG2014 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
GLB-Class2019 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
GLB-Class AMG2019 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
GLC-Class2015 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5150
GLC-Class AMG2015 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
GLC-Class Coupe2016 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5130
GLC-Class Coupe AMG2016 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
GLE-Class2015 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
GLE-Class AMG2015 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
GLE-Class Coupe2015 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5150
GLE-Class Coupe AMG2015 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5150
GLS-Class2015 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
GLS-Class AMG2015 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
Metris2016 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
S-Class1972 – Present5×11266.6M12x1.5Unknown
S-Class AMG1999 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
SL-Class AMG2001 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
Sprinter1995 – Present5×13084.1M14x1.5Unknown
T-Class2021 – Present5×114.366.1M12x1.5Unknown
V-Class1996 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
Vito1996 – Present5×11266.6M14x1.5Unknown
X-Class2017 – Present6×114.366.1M12x1.25135

Frequently Asked Questions

Do BMW Wheels Fit Mercedes?

No. The bolt patterns, hub sizes, and offsets of BMW and Mercedes wheels are typically different. The standard bolt patterns for these two brands differ, with BMW typically employing a 5x120mm configuration, while Mercedes uses a 5x112mm pattern. The varying bolt patterns result in a misalignment, making BMW wheels incompatible with most Mercedes models.

Can You Fit 5×114 To 5×112?

Yes, it is possible to fit a 5×114 wheel onto a 5×112 hub using an adapter. It is designed to bridge the gap between the two different bolt patterns. However, it’s crucial to ensure the bolt adapter is of high quality and properly installed to maintain safety and prevent issues with wheel stability. Additionally, the wheel’s offset and size should be compatible with the vehicle to guarantee a proper fit.

What Wheel Bolts Does Mercedes Use?

Mercedes typically uses alloy wheel bolts with a 12mm or 14mm diameter and 1.5mm thread pitch (M12x1.5 or M14x1.5). These bolts are commonly used for securing alloy wheels to the wheel hub. It’s essential to ensure that the specific size and type of alloy wheel bolts match your Mercedes model, as there may be variations based on the series and production year.

The Bottom Line

The lug pattern may seem like a small technical detail in Mercedes vehicles, but it holds the power to significantly impact your vehicle’s safety, performance, and appearance. To ensure that your wheels fit like a glove and enhance your driving experience, take the time to understand and appreciate the importance of this seemingly unassuming set of numbers. After all, it’s the precision in the details that makes a Mercedes truly exceptional.

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