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The 6×139.7 bolt pattern is the original wheel lug nut configuration for the Toyota Tacoma. All successive truck models have used this design since the 1995 Tacoma introduced it, notably other mid-size and full-size pickup trucks and SUVs.

Hang in there! There is more to unfold about the 6×139.7mm pattern if you’re still a stranger in this field.

Understand The 6×139.7 Wheel Bolt Pattern

The 6×139.7 pattern is a wheel mounting configuration. The number “6” denotes the quantity of lug nuts, and the value “139.7” indicates the millimeter-based diameter of the circle the lug nuts make. As the distance between the bolts is the same but measured in inches, it is also often known as the 6×5.5 bolt pattern.

6x5.5 Wheel Bolt Pattern
6×139.7 Wheel Bolt Pattern

Having high centers of gravity, trucks and SUVs frequently use this lug pattern. It is capable of performing effective weight and torque control for these vehicles.

Off-road vehicles or those with specialty tires and wheels to handle rough terrain also witness a surge in the use of this bolt design thanks to its exceptional adaptability.

What Cars Have 6×139.7 Bolt Pattern? 

The 6×139.7mm or 6×5.5-inch pattern has gained popularity among many car companies, including Acura, BAIC, BAW, Cadillac, Chery, Chevrolet, and DR vehicles

The following chart will deliver further information about the specific model and released year. 

Acura SLX1995-1999
BAIC B40 Plus2021-2024
BAIC BJ402014-2024
BAIC BJ40 Plus 2018-2024
BAIC BJ40 SE2020-2024
BAIC BJ40L 2016-2019
BAIC BJ802016-2024
BAIC F402019-2024
BAIC X4242015-2021
BAW BW0072011
BAW BW0072015
BAW Luba2012
BAW Luling2012
BAW Qishi S122009
BAW Qishi S122011
BAW Ruiling2012-2014
BAW Ruiling2019-2020
BAW Warrior2009-2020
BAW Warrior Pickup2018-2020
BAW Yueling2012
BAW Yueling2014
CADILLAC Escalade 1999-2000
CADILLAC Escalade2002-2023
CADILLAC Escalade-V2022-2023
CHERY Aika2013
CHERY Grand Tiger2011-2014
CHERY H52010-2016
CHERY P102013-2018
CHERY Transcom2010-2019
CHEVROLET Astro2003-2005
CHEVROLET Avalanche2007-2013
CHEVROLET Avalanche 15002002-2006
CHEVROLET Blazer1973-1994
CHEVROLET Blazer1997
CHEVROLET C101967-1970
CHEVROLET C25001988-2000
CHEVROLET Cheyenne 2007-2023
CHEVROLET Colorado2004-2024
CHEVROLET D-Max2005-2021
CHEVROLET Express 15002004-2014
CHEVROLET Express 25001996-2006
CHEVROLET Express Cargo2010-2014
CHEVROLET Express Pasajeros2010-2015
CHEVROLET K101975-1987
CHEVROLET K15001988-1999
CHEVROLET K1500 Suburban1992-1999
CHEVROLET K25001988-2000
CHEVROLET S102012-2023
CHEVROLET Silverado2014-2024
CHEVROLET Silverado 15001999-2023
CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 Classic2007
CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 LD2018-2019
CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 Limited 2022
CHEVROLET Silverado LD2019-2023
CHEVROLET Sonora2000-2006
CHEVROLET Suburban2007-2023
CHEVROLET Suburban 15002000-2014
CHEVROLET T-Series 2018-2023
CHEVROLET Tahoe1995-2023
CHEVROLET Tavera2004-2018
CHEVROLET TrailBlazer2013-2023
CHEVROLET V1500 Suburban1989-1991
DR PK82023
DAEWOO Korando1999-2001
DAEWOO Musso 1999-2002
DONGFENG Xiaokang C712021-2023
DONGFENG Xiaokang C722021-2023
DONGFENG Ruichi EC71L2021-2023
DONGFENG Ruichi EC722021-2023
DONGFENG Hushi2012
DONGFENG Oting2007-2013
DONGFENG Yufeng P162017-2021
DONGFENG Pickup2012-2015
DONGFENG Rich Pickup2005-2022
DONGFENG Rich SUV2010-2015
DONGFENG Yufeng S162017-2019
FAW TOYOTA Land Cruiser Prado2004-2020


Can 6×139.7 Pattern Replace Other 6 Lug Patterns?

Yes. But make sure you have these in mind:

  • The offset of the replacement wheels must match the original wheels. If incompatible, it may affect how the vehicle handles and performs.
  • The load rating of the replacement wheels must match or exceed that of the original wheels.
  • The correct center bore must be present on the new wheels. The wheel will not fit properly if the center bore is too tiny and not be centered on the hub if the center bore is too large.

Be aware that using wheel adapters to fit a wheel with a different bolt pattern is risky. It can make the wheel wobble while placing too much stress on the lug nuts and wheel studs.

Should you be uncertain about any of the above factors, get professional advice from a qualified consultant. 

How Do You Measure A 6×139.7 Lug Design?

To measure this pattern, grab a measuring tape or ruler and follow the below steps:

Step 1. Place the measuring tape or ruler across two diagonally opposite lug bolts.

Step 2. Measure the distance between the two lug bolts’ centers.

Measure Your Chrysler 300 Wheel Bolt Pattern

See more: How to Measure Lug Bolt Pattern

How To Choose Wheels For A Vehicle With A 6×139.7mm Wheel Bolt Pattern?

Keep in mind that the offset is the key to holding the amount of space between the wheel, the suspension parts, and the stance of the vehicle in the right place.

Before choosing one, ensure the wheels have the proper bolt pattern and offset. 

After that, you are free to proceed. Go for the one made of a sturdy, long-lasting material, such as steel or aluminum wheels.

Pick the matching wheel and tire size. Otherwise, it can cause a stir in the handling and performance of the vehicle.


The 6×139.7 lug pattern is an adaptable bolt design utilized by numerous automobile manufacturers, including luxury and mid-range models.

It can coordinate to support the weight and torque of trucks and SUVs while giving drivers a broader selection of wheels. Though you can swap a 6×139.7 wheel for other 6-lug ones, remember that doing so comes with hidden risks.

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