What Is 5×120 Bolt Pattern? Vehicles With 5×120 Wheels

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Five-lug patterns, particularly the 5×120 ones, have always been lauded as the most popular bolt patterns, surpassing four- or six-lug by a long mile.

There is more to discover in vehicles with 5×120 bolt patterns than one would think – and that’s what my guide is for.  Scroll to learn more!

What Is The Bolt Pattern 5×120?

5×120 or 5×4.72 indicates the car’s wheel bolts/studs and the exact diameter of imaginary circles passing through those studs’ true center bore. Specifically, “5” equates to five studs/ bolts, positioned in circular patterns of 120 millimeters (4.72 inches) in diameter.

5x120 lug bolt
Bolt Pattern 5×120 (5×4.72)

Bolt patterns are a critical criterion in buying perfect wheels. As these five bolts and wheel studs align closely with the hub’s corresponding holes, they ensure proper force distribution and mounting to give you full-force control on any terrain or road surface. 

Failure to purchase rim wheels that match the car’s 5×120 patterns is an invitation to road mishaps, collisions, and accidents. 

What Are Cars With 5×120 Lug Wheel Bolt Patterns? List of Vehicle Makes

Numerous car models from Acura, BMW, BYD, Jac, Land Rover, and Cadillac offer 5×12 bolt pattern wheels. The chart below will delve further into their specific models and production years: 

Acura MDX2017-2023
Acura NSX2016-2023
Acura RL2005-2013
Acura RLX2013-2021
Acura TL2009-2014
Acura TLX2021-2023
Acura ZDX2009-2013
BMW 1 Series2004-2020
BMW 2 Series2013-2021
BMW 3 Series1986-2019
BMW 4 Series2013-2021
BMW 5 Series1972-2016
BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo2009-2017
BMW 6 Series1976-1990
BMW 6 Series2003-2019
BMW 7 Series1977-2015
BMW 8 Series1990-1999
BMW M Coupe1997-2003
BMW M Roadster1997-2003
BMW M11978-1981
BMW M22015-2021
BMW M31986-2018
BMW M42014-2020
BMW M51985-1995
BMW M51998-2017
BMW M62005-2010
BMW M62012-2018
BMW X12009-2015
BMW X32003-2017
BMW X42014-2018
BMW X51999-2018
BMW X5 M2009-2019
BMW X62008-2019
BMW X6 M2009-2019
BMW Z31995-2003
BMW Z42002-2017
BMW Z82000-2003
BYD Han2022
BYD M32015-2022
BYD M62010-2011
BYD M62013
BYD S32016-2019
BYD S52016-2019
BYD S62011-2017
BYD S72015-2017
BYD Song2015-2021
BYD Song MAX2017-2022
BYD Song Plus2020-2022
BYD Song Pro2019-2022
BYD Tang2015-2022
BYD e62012-2022
Chevrolet Camaro2010-2023
Chevrolet Corvette2020-2023
Chevrolet Equinox2010-2017
Chevrolet Impala2014-2020
Chevrolet Malibu2012-2018
Chevrolet Malibu Limited2016
Chevrolet Omega1999-2012
Chevrolet SS2014-2017
Honda Civic Type R2015-2023
Honda Legend2004-2012
Honda Legend2015-2021
Honda NSX2016-2022
Honda Odyssey2005-2023
Honda Passport2019-2023
Honda Pilot2008-2023
Honda Ridgeline2005-2014
Honda Ridgeline2016-2023
Land Rover
Land Rover Discovery 21998-2004
Land Rover Discovery 32004-2009
Land Rover Discovery 42009-2016
Land Rover Discovery 52016-2022
Land Rover LR32005-2009
Land Rover LR42010-2016
Land Rover Range Rover1994-2023
Land Rover Range Rover Sport2005-2022
Jac E-JV5.52021-2022
Jac K32014
Jac K52014
Jac Refine2007-2009
Jac Refine2011-2016
Jac Refine M32015-2022
Jac Refine M42016-2022
Jac Refine M52012-2022
Jac Reni2011-2017
Jac S72017-2022
Jac Sei 7 Pro2021-2023
Jac Sunray2018-2022
Jac T82014-2016
Jac T802018-2020
Jac X2002018-2022
Jac X302018-2022
Cadillac ATS-V2016-2019
Cadillac CT4-V2021-2023
Cadillac CT52019-2023
Cadillac CT5-V2020-2023
Cadillac CT62016-2023
Cadillac CT6-V2019-2020
Cadillac CTS2007-2019
Cadillac CTS-V2009-2019
Cadillac XT42019-2023

Can 5×120 Wheels Fit 5×114 Bolt Patterns or Vice Versa? 

Change Bolt Patterns to 5×120

Yes, changing from a 5×114 to a 5×120 pattern is not entirely impossible if you use wheel adapters. They are spacers with different side bolt patterns, allowing drivers to mount a mismatched selection of wheels onto the vehicles.

However, that should only be your last resort. Experts never recommend purchasing cross wheel adapter kits, as they might throw the car off balance and, in turn, damage its stability and handling. 

The best bet is to place the shopping wheels exactly where they are meant to be: 5×120 wheels on 5×120 hubs and 5×114 on 5×114. Only then can optimal performance and fit be guaranteed. 

Can You Make 5×120 Fit 5×112 and Vice Versa?

Yes, with the help of wheel adapters, you can fit a 5×120 wheel into a 5×112. Otherwise, the wheels might come loose on the road. And you should only do it when there are no other choices. 

Manufacturers have designed your car that way for a reason, and trying to mess up the pattern without expertise will do you more harm than good. 

How to Change Your Bolt Patterns to 5×120? 

Changing bolt patterns is not always the greatest idea. But if you still decide to go through with it, here are the steps to take.

Note: Remember, the following guides are for drivers who wish to change their five-lug patterns to six-lug holes. Simply repeat the steps twice or thrice if you want to upgrade it to seven- or eight-lug.

Step 1. Scour through the market to see whether adapters for your desired patterns (ex: 6×114) are available. Not every lug pattern can be changed into, after all – which is why this step is important.

Step 2. Identify the wheel lugs to loosen them. Next, lift your car with a jack and place it onto the stands. Now remove the nuts completely, pull out the lug wheels, and set them aside. 

Step 3. Put your wheel adapter on the hub, then install the bolt circles enclosed with this adapter. Use a wrench to tighten the nuts to about 95 lb-ft; ensure the studs near the tire sidewalls don’t stick past your adapter.

Step 4. Place your new wheels onto the adapter’s studs, then tighten the nuts with a wrench to 95 lb-ft. Lower your car to the stand and slowly onto the ground using the floor jacks.


The 5×120 wheel bolt pattern is especially common in luxurious, reputed car brands; the chart above hopefully gives you an insightful glimpse into some well-recognized models. 

Changing the pattern is possible (though not recommended) if you stick closely to our given guides. If any common question about tire size/ bolt pattern diameters is not yet covered in this article, contact me for more help.

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