What Is An 8×170 Bolt Pattern? Cars With 8×170 Wheels

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Understanding the correct bolt pattern is crucial for proper fitment and compatibility in the realm of wheels and rims. Wrong knowledge can lead to wrong application.

One of the common bolt patterns is the 8×170, often found on many typical car models. In this article, we will delve into this pattern, vehicles with 8×170 bolt pattern, and how you can adapt your vehicle to this particular configuration.

What Is The 8×170 Wheel Bolt Pattern?

The 8×170 means there are 8 lug holes for bolts, forming a circle that’s 170 millimeters in diameter. You might also see the 8 x 6.69” pattern in other models, which is the same as this design. This pattern is used in various pick-up and heavy trucks models.

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8-lug wheels are common in trucks and heavy-duty vehicles due to its stability and durability. 8 bolts in the hub form a solid structure that empowers the wheel to withstand more weight from both the truck and its cargo.

What Are Cars With An 8×170 Lug Pattern?

Ford Larger F-series trucks, Ram, and Chevrolet, are common names that employ the 8×170 pattern. And it’s essential to be aware of them, especially if you’re considering wheel upgrades. Below is a list of car models that have this design:

Car ModelsYear
Ford Excursion1999 – 2005
Ford F-2501999 – now
Ford F-3501999 – now
Ford F-350 Dually1999 – now
Ford F-4501999 – now
Ford F-5501999 – now
Ford F-6502000 – now
Ford F-7501999 – now
Ford E-2501999 – now
Ford E-3501999 – now
Ford E-4501999 – now
Ford E-5501999 – now
Dodge Ram
Dodge Ram 25001994 – now
Dodge Ram 35001994 – now
Dodge Ram 45002008 – now
Dodge Ram 55002008 – now
Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 2011 – now
Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD2011 – now
Chevrolet Kodiak C45002006
Chevrolet Kodiak C55001980 – 2009
Chevrolet Kodiak C65001980 – 2009
Chevrolet Kodiak C75001980 – 2009
Chevrolet Kodiak C85001980 – 2009
GMC Sierra 2500HD2011 – now
GMC Sierra 3500HD2011 – now
Hummer H22002 – 2009
Cadillac Escalade2002-2006
International CXT2004 – 2008
International RXT2006 – 2008
International MXT2005 – 2007
Ram 25002011 – now
Ram 35002011 – now
Ram 45002011 – now
Ram 55002011 – now
Lincoln Navigator1998-2002


Is The Bolt Pattern The Same For All Wheels With 8 Lugs?

No, not all 8-lug wheels have the same bolt pattern. The term “8-lug” refers to the number of lug holes on a wheel but doesn’t specify the exact bolt pattern. The arrangement and spacing of these lug holes about the center of the wheel determine the bolt pattern. 

For example, apart from the 8×170 design, another 8-lug wheel might have a different pattern, like 8×180 (8.07 inches). 

Are 8×170 and 8×6.5 Alike? Can 8×6.5 Wheels Fit An 8×170 Bolt Pattern And Vice Versa?

No, the 8×170 is not the same as the 8×6.5. In the case of 8×170, there are 8 bolt holes on a 170mm circle. On the other hand, 8×6.5 refers to 8 bolt holes on a circle with a diameter of 6.5 inches (165.1mm).

But don’t worry, you can still swap them using a wheel adapter. You should trim the wheel studs for a good fit if you want to switch from 8x170mm to 8×165.1mm lug pattern.

For 2 wheels, one pair of wheel adapters is enough. If you’re doing all 4 wheels, then grab 2 pairs.

You can use a 1, 1.5, 2, or 3-inch wheel spacer when changing for a proper fit. But we do not recommend the 1-inch one due to its compromised safety; instead, you’d better play it safe with a 1.5-inch adapter.

How To Change Your Bolt Patterns To 8×170?

Changing your vehicle’s bolt pattern to 8×170 involves a precise and meticulous process. It’s essential to consult professional mechanics or wheel fitment specialists to ensure the modification is done accurately and safely. 

This process involves:

  • Step 1: Check if 8×170 adapters are available in the market, as not all patterns can be altered.
  • Step 2: Buy high-quality wheel adapters or spacers that convert your existing bolt pattern to 8×170.
  • Step 3: Loosen and remove the wheel lugs, lift the car using a jack, and place it on stands. Please take off the wheels and set them aside.
  • Step 4: Attach the wheel adapter to the hub and install the bolt circles provided. 
  • Step 5: Tighten the nuts with a wrench. Ensure the studs near the tire sidewalls don’t protrude beyond the adapter.
  • Step 6: Mount your new wheels onto the adapter’s studs.
  • Step 7: Lower your car onto the ground slowly using floor jacks.
  • Step 8: Double-check if the new wheels fit securely and align correctly with your vehicle’s body.
  • Step 9: Drive cautiously to ensure the modifications are safe and make any necessary adjustments.


The 8x170mm pattern is a common pattern, especially in heavy-duty vehicles. When changing your bolt pattern, always focus on safety and accuracy, and getting help from professionals is a good idea. If you are concerned about tire size or wheel lug pattern sizes, please let us know.

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