Does Discount Tire Do Alignments? How Much Does It Cost?

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If you’re a vehicle owner, you know regular maintenance is essential to keep your ride safe and smooth. When it comes to wheel alignment, many wonder if Discount Tire & Service, a prominent tire retailer, offers alignment services. So, is Discount Tire alignment service available? The answer is here!

Does Discount Tire Do Alignments?

Discount Tire, a well-known tire retailer in the United States, has recently started offering wheel alignment services at select locations and stores. However, it’s essential to note that this service is not available at all Discount Tire shops. 

Below is the list of states with stores that provide this tire service.

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia

The reason behind this selective rollout is the need for specialized alignment equipment. Previously, Discount Tire did not offer alignment services at most of its stores because it lacked the necessary equipment to perform accurate and precise alignments.

wheel alignment at dealer

In response to customer demand and the recognition of the importance of wheel alignments in tire maintenance, Discount Tire has equipped some of its locations with state-of-the-art alignment machines. This development allows customers at these specific stores to conveniently access wheel alignment services alongside tire purchases and other maintenance needs.

How Much Is An Alignment At Discount Tire?

On average, a standard service typically starts at $89.99, according to the official website. However, the actual Discount Tire alignment cost can change depending on your location, the type of vehicle you have, and whether you opt for additional services or warranties.

Alignment packages available at Discount Tire centers may include additional services like tire balancing and rotation, which can affect the total cost. Additionally, some locations may offer promotions or discounts, so it’s a good idea to check their website or call your local Discount Tire store to inquire about current pricing and any special offers.

When Does Your Car Need Alignment?

From off-center steering wheel to abnormal tire wear, understanding these signs can help you maintain a safer and more efficient ride while preserving your vehicle’s overall function.

Off-Center Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel Issue
Steering Wheel Issue

Have you ever noticed that your steering wheel isn’t perfectly centered when driving straight? If you’re riding on a level road with minimal traffic, try taking your hands off the wheel momentarily. If your truck starts to veer to one side or if the steering wheel isn’t aligned with the straight-ahead position, it’s a clear indication that your wheels might be misaligned.

Pull-To-One-Side Feel

A noticeable sensation of your car pulling or drifting to one side while driving on a straight road is a common sign of misalignment. If you notice you’re constantly making steering adjustments to keep your vehicle traveling in a straight line, it’s time to consider a wheel alignment.

Shaking Steering Wheel

Unusual vibrations in your steering wheel, especially when you’re traveling at higher speeds, can be attributed to misalignment. These vibrations can not only make your drive uncomfortable but also indicate that your tires may be wearing unevenly due to poor alignment. As for our experience, the shaking felt even clearer whenever we hit the brake or gas pedal.

Unusual Tire Wear

Uneven Tread Wear
Uneven Tread Wear

Regularly inspecting your tires for signs of uneven wear is a prudent practice. If you notice that one or more of your tires are wearing down faster on one side than the other, it’s a strong indication of misalignment.

When your wheels aren’t properly aligned, they can cause your tires to make direct contact with the road at incorrect angles. This can result in premature wear and potentially costly replacements.

Is Alignment Important?

Yes. Wheel alignment is a crucial aspect of vehicle maintenance that often goes overlooked. Essentially, it involves adjusting the alignment angles of your car’s wheels to ensure they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground, following the manufacturer’s specifications.

Wheel alignment equipment on a car
Wheel alignment equipment on a car

The importance of alignment cannot be overstated. Proper wheel alignment enhances safety by ensuring your auto tracks are straight. This reduces the risk of accidents, especially during emergency maneuvers or on slippery roads.

Moreover, alignment promotes even tire wear, extending the lifespan of your tires and saving you money on replacements. It contributes to improved fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance, so you’ll spend less at the pump. Proper alignment rewards you with a smoother, more comfortable ride, free from annoying vibrations or steering wheel wobbles.

Neglecting it can entail uneven tire wear, decreased fuel efficiency, handling issues, and costly repairs. Regular alignment checks and adjustments are a small investment that pays off significant long-term benefits for your vehicle and wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need An Alignment After Replacing Tires?

Yes, it’s advisable to get a wheel alignment after replacing tires. This ensures the new tires wear evenly, maximizes lifespan, and maintains safe and optimal vehicle handling. Alignment helps prevent issues like uneven tire wear, poor fuel efficiency, and compromised steering control, making it a wise investment in the long run.

Is An Alignment Included In The Price Of New Tires?

An alignment is typically not included in the price of new tires. It’s a separate service that you should consider getting to ensure optimal tire performance, safety, and longevity. While some tire shops may offer alignment packages at an additional cost, it’s not always the case.

Do I Need 2 Or 4 Wheel Alignments?

It’s generally recommended to get a four-wheel alignment service, also known as an all-wheel alignment, because it ensures that all four wheels are properly aligned. However, in some cases, a two-wheel alignment may suffice when the rear wheels are not adjustable, or your vehicle has no significant rear suspension issues.

The Bottom Line

Discount Tire Center does offer alignment services at select locations. And the Discount Tire wheel alignment cost is not too expensive. Suppose you’re in need of a wheel alignment or any other tire-related services. In this case, it’s a good idea to check with your local Discount Tire store to see if they provide this service and to explore their offerings.


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