15×8 Rim Tire Size: What Size Tire Fits A 15×8 Wheel?

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Wheels/rims and tires are two integral parts of an assembly; together, they ensure the car’s tight grip and consistent traction on the road. 

Rim size options are abundant – but so far, the 15×8 measurement is still among the most popular. My guide will delve further into the meaning behind these numbers and, as a follow-up, identify what size tire fits a 15×8 rim best. 

What Do 15×8 Rims Mean?

To spell it out clearly: 

  • “15”: the diameter of the wheel
  • “8”: the width of the wheel
15x18 inches rim
15×18 inches rim

This explanation applies to all other wheel/rim size measurements in the automotive industry, such as 15×7, 15×9, or 15×10.

And while some countries prefer to use “millimeters,” please note that the above numbers are calculated in inches: 15 inches in diameter x 8 inches of width.

With these numbers clearly explained, it should be easy even for beginners to make cross-references and find which tires suit their rims best. 

What Is The 15×8 Rim Tire Size? 

The tire size suggestions in the below chart should provide a great sum-up of what tires are considered the best fits. However, before getting in, here is a quick side guide to help you translate the measurements. Take P 175/55R15, for instance:

  • P: Passenger tires (meanwhile, LT means Light Truck tires)
  • 175: the tire’s width in millimeters
  • 55: the tire aspect ratio
  • R: Radial tire construction method
  • 15: the rim diameter (which is 15 inches, as we all know)
Tire SizesPopularity
P 165/45R154%
P 195/40R152%
P 205/40R152%
P 165/50R152%
P 195/45R1518%
P 205/45R152%
P 155/60R152%
P 175/55R154%
P 195/50R1522%
P 225/45R1512%
P 205/50R1518%
P 195/55R153%
P 225/50R156%
P 195/60R152%
P 185/65R152%
P 195/65R152%
P 215/70R152%
LT 265/75R153%
LT 315/70R152%
LT 295/75R152%

Among them, the best tire for these rims is the P 205/50R15, and this list extends even more.

What Are The Smallest And Biggest Tires For 15×8 Rims?

1. The Widest Tires

Wide tires have always been everyone’s favorite, as they offer the cars both stability and aesthetic boosts. And for 15×8 rims, 295 tires are the largest options possible for passenger cars, while 315 ones are the biggest tires you can put on a light truck (though not common).

Performance cars or lighter trucks (particularly RWD ones) can easily fit 295 tires. Meanwhile, other vehicles are less predictable; to ensure you do not misspend your money, note down the rims and the tires’ measurements and check out with the vehicle dealer later on.

Despite their widespread reputation, big tires like 295 still have certain drawbacks. So watch out:

  • Wider tires are susceptible to wet-surface hydroplaning, as there are more surface areas riding up on mud and water than narrow tires. 
  • Grooves and irregularities on the road make wide tires more vulnerable to tramlining, which potentially affects the steering control’s precision.

2. The Smallest Tires

The lowest benchmark for 15×8 rim tires is 155, as indicated in the chart above. Any number lower than that, and your car might struggle with fitment issues. 

Though narrower tire choices like 155 have never enjoyed the same popularity as their bigger counterparts due to a lack of high-speed stability, several competitive edges can still be noted:

  • For one, they are much cheaper and accessible. Getting hands on them is easy regardless of where you currently live.
  • Narrow tires exert much more concentrated PSI (pound per square inch), digging deeper and much better into water/snow than wider tires. My P 155 R15 tires are a standout example, striking through thick snow blankets as if they were dry pavements.
  • With smaller profiles and fewer sidewall flexes, their steering responses feel sharper and more direct. The car’s overall maneuverability and handling can significantly improve, especially during urban driving or across tight spaces.
  • There is barely any friction or wind resistance, resulting in extremely limited noises. Traveling on narrow tires will be quieter than any trip you ever experience. So if noise removal has always been your priority, you know what to go for.

Is It Okay If The Tires and The Rims Do Not Match?

replace tire

No, it will not be okay. Rims too narrow distort the tires excessively under cornering, while too-wide rims rob the sidewalls of flexing curvature and end up giving you harsh rides. 

Other disasters might also wait around the corner: 

1. Poor Stability and Handling

Improper fitment strikes a blow on the contact patch, compromising steering responses and reducing grip. As a result, your handling will become much less predictable, which can be dangerous during emergency maneuvers or cornering.

2. Higher Risks of Tire Failures

Since the rims and tires are not incompatible, your tire sidewalls are subjected to excess strain and pressure. Ignore that for too long, and tire blowouts are to be expected. 

Worse, uneven wear, heat buildup, and tire flexing are also on the horizon, further destroying the structural integrity of the tires. 

3. Premature Replacement

Certain tire areas wear down faster than others, causing irregular tread patterns. Both the tire’s longevity and performance suffer; in more serious cases, there are no other choices but to replace them all prematurely. 

4. Potential Rim Damage

Your tires are not the only affected compartment; the rims themselves also receive quite a strike. As their tips must be stretched out further to accommodate the ill-fit tires, it will be only a matter of time before they crack, bend, or face other issues. The repair charges for them all will certainly not be very pleasant.

5. Void Warranties

Proper fitment between the rims and the tires are considered among the top priorities in certain warranty policies. Failure to abide by this rule may lead to a warranty limitation or, worse, exclusion. 

How To Know Whether A Tire Fits The 15×8 Rims Or Not

Your best bet is to check whether the tire’s measurement is included in the above chart. 

Another way is to observe the letter behind its aspect ratio number. If it is R15, these tires definitely fit 15-inch wheels. 


What Cars Have 15×8 Wheels?

Aside from Subaru, Saturn, and Dacia, we also have:

  • Corsa
  • Opel/Vauxhall
  • Lotus
  • Polestar

Can I Fit A 215/45 On 15×8 Rims?

Yes, you totally can. Refer to the chart above for more info. 


And that concludes my detailed guide on 15×8 rim tire sizes. Options are abundant; still, caution is needed to ensure mismatch issues are kept at bay. And if you still need more help on these 15-inch tire sizes, contact my team or your wheel manufacturer.

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