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Are the 33 and 285 tires in inches the same? Let’s debunk the confusion and explore the distinctions between these two tire sizes. Being able to differentiate the two will assist you in selecting the right tire for your vehicle’s needs.

What Size Is A 33 Tire?

A 33 tire is the one with a 33-inch diameter, calculated from one edge of the tire’s sidewall to the opposite edge. The width and height might vary, but the most common is 11 inches and 8 inches, respectively. With high ground clearance, these tires are best for off-road cars like jeeps or trucks.

33-inch diameter tire

It’s important to note that the inch tire size is not limited to its diameter alone. It also includes other measurements, such as the width and aspect ratio. 

When driving on uneven terrain, they can be useful since they offer higher ground clearance and traction than smaller tires. 33-inch tires, nevertheless, can significantly increase noise levels and decrease fuel efficiency.

Are 33 Inch Tires The Same As 285?

Yes. Although 33 refers to the wheel diameter in inches and 285 indicates the tread width in millimeters, 285 tires are the same as 33-inch ones. Typically, 33’s are equivalent in size to 285/75/16 in metric units, but 285 tires have slightly smaller diameter at 32.8 inches rather than 33 inches.

The 285/75/16 is typically the acceptable metric size for 33’s. Notice that the tire diameter might vary among different manufacturers because each manufacturer has their own molds, and there is no established industry pattern.

The true diameter of two distinct 285s can actually differ. Consequently, according to the brand, some are less than 33 inches, and some are bigger. This implies that a 33-inch tire diameter may have a width of 12 1/2 or 11 1/2 inches.

As a rule, you can replace the tire within a 3% difference in tire diameter (height) of the OEM tire size. However, it should be considered as a general guideline, not a hard and fast rule.

In my experience, checking the production specifications for that specific item on the tire manufacturer’s website is the best way to determine a tire’s precise diameter.

Here is a list of compatible 285 mm tire widths and 33 inches diameter tire:

Tire Size (mm)Tire Size (Inch)Overall DiameterTread WidthRim Size (H x W)Sidewall Height
285/70R1530.7×11.2R1530.7″ (780 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)15″ x 7.5-9.5″7.9″ (199.5 mm)
285/65R1630.6×11.2R1630.6″ (776.9 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)16″ x 8.0-10.0″7.3″ (185.3 mm)
285/70R1631.7×11.2R1631.7″ (805.4 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)16″ x 7.0-9.0″7.9″ (199.5 mm)
285/75R1632.8×11.2R1632.8″ (833.9 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)16″ x 7.5-9.0″8.4″ (213.8 mm)
285/60R1730.5×11.2R1730.5″ (773.8 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)17″ x 8.0-10.0″6.7″ (171 mm)
285/65R1731.6×11.2R1731.6″ (802.3 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)17″ x 8.0-10.0″7.3″ (185.3 mm)
285/70R1732.7×11.2R1732.7″ (830.8 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)17″ x 7.5-9.0″7.9″ (199.5 mm)
285/75R1733.8×11.2R1733.8″ (859.3 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)17″ x 7.5-9.5″8.4″ (213.8 mm)
285/55R1830.3×11.2R1830.3″ (770.7 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)18″ x 8.0-10.0″6.2″ (156.8 mm)
285/60R1831.5×11.2R1831.5″ (799.2 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)18″ x 8.0-10.0″6.7″ (171 mm)
285/65R1832.6×11.2R1832.6″ (827.7 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)18″ x 8.0-10.0″7.3″ (185.3 mm)
285/70R1833.7×11.2R1833.7″ (856.2 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)18″ x 7.5-9.5″7.9″ (199.5 mm)
285/75R1834.8×11.2R1834.8″ (884.7 mm)11.2″ (285 mm)18″ x 7.5-9.5″8.4″ (213.8 mm)

How To Fit 33-Inch Tires

Fitting 33-inch wheels on your vehicle can provide increased ground clearance and a more aggressive look. Here is the method to help you with the process.

Step 1: Measure the available space in your wheel wells to ensure that there is sufficient clearance for the larger tires.

Step 2: Choose rims that are suitable for the tire size and have the correct bolt pattern and offset for your vehicle. If your current rims are not compatible with 33-inch tires, you may need to upgrade to the ones that can accommodate the larger tires.

Step 3: Select high-quality 33-inch tires that match your intended usage and preferences. Consider factors such as tread pattern, load range, and terrain performance to ensure the best fit for your needs.

Step 4: Once you have the tires and rims, it’s time to install them. If you are confident in your abilities, you can do it yourself. Alternatively, seek the assistance of a professional tire shop or mechanic for proper installation to ensure the tires are mounted correctly and balanced.

Step 5: In some cases, fitting larger tires may require adjustments to the suspension components, such as leveling kits or lift kits, to maintain proper alignment and clearance. Consult with a professional to determine if any suspension modifications are necessary for your specific vehicle.

Step 6: Take your vehicle for a test drive to ensure everything works as expected. Check for any rubbing or clearance issues, and make any necessary adjustments or modifications as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Wheels Do I Need For 33 Inch Tires?

To fit 33-inch tires, you will typically need wheels around 15 to 20 inches in diameter. Keep in mind that the specific wheel size required may vary depending on your vehicle’s specifications and personal preferences.

Are 33 Inch Tires Good?

Yes, 33-inch tires are generally considered good, especially for off-road and larger vehicles. They provide increased ground clearance, enhanced traction, and a more aggressive look.

Are Taller Tires Better?

It depends. Taller tires can offer certain benefits, such as increased ground clearance and a smoother ride over rough terrain. Still, it’s important to consider factors such as vehicle compatibility, road performance, fuel efficiency, and handling characteristics before determining if taller tires are the right choice for you.

The Bottom Line

You now realize that 33-inch tires and 285-inch tires are equivalent. Depending on your specific driving requirements and preferences, you may choose these tires or other rim sizes. However, it’s always a good idea to speak with a reputable tire expert to ensure you make the best choice and maintain road safety.

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