What Is 305 Tire Size? How Big, Tall & Wide Is It?

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If you’re in the market for new 305 tires or simply curious about different options, understanding the ins and outs of tire sizing is essential. Check out the 305 tire size, including their width, aspect ratio, compatibility, and potential benefits.

What Size Is A 305 Tire?

A 305 size refers to the tire sidewall width in millimeters, so 305 millimeters (12 inches) is how wide it is. This is considerably wide, providing enhanced traction and stability. The rim diameter or how tall it is will vary, for example, a 305/55R20 means a 20-inch rim.

305-55r20 size

Notice that the sidewall height and width alone doesn’t give the complete picture of a tire’s dimensions. Here’s an example!

Tire sizes are represented by a combination of numbers, such as 305/35R17. The first number denotes the width, while the second digit describes the aspect ratio or the height as a percentage of its width. The “R” indicates radial construction, and the final number signifies the wheel diameter that the standard tire can fit.

Here is the complete list of 305 tire sizes:

Tire Size (mm)Tire Size (Inch)Overall DiameterTread WithRim Size (H x W)Sidewall Height
305/70R1531.8x12R1531.8″ (808 mm)12″ (305 mm)15″ x n/a8.4″ (213.5 mm)
305/50R1527x12R1527″ (686 mm)12″ (305 mm)15″ x 8.5-11.0″6″ (152.5 mm)
305/70R1632.8x12R1632.8″ (833.4 mm)12″ (305 mm)16″ x 8.0-9.5″8.4″ (213.5 mm)
305/75R1634x12R1634″ (863.9 mm)12″ (305 mm)16″ x 8.5-10.0″9″ (228.8 mm)
305/35R1725.4x12R1725.4″ (645.3 mm)12″ (305 mm)17″ x n/a4.2″ (106.8 mm)
305/45R1727.8x12R1727.8″ (706.3 mm)12″ (305 mm)17″ x 9.5-11.5″5.4″ (137.3 mm)
305/60R1731.4x12R1731.4″ (797.8 mm)12″ (305 mm)17″ x n/a7.2″ (183 mm)
305/65R1732.6x12R1732.6″ (828.3 mm)12″ (305 mm)17″ x 8.5-11.0″7.8″ (198.3 mm)
305/70R1733.8x12R1733.8″ (858.8 mm)12″ (305 mm)17″ x 8.0-9.5″8.4″ (213.5 mm)
305/30R1825.2x12R1825.2″ (640.2 mm)12″ (305 mm)18″ x 10.5-11.5″3.6″ (91.5 mm)
305/35R1826.4x12R1826.4″ (670.7 mm)12″ (305 mm)18″ x 10.0-12.0″4.2″ (106.8 mm)
305/40R1827.6x12R1827.6″ (701.2 mm)12″ (305 mm)18″ x 10.0-12.0″4.8″ (122 mm)
305/45R1828.8x12R1828.8″ (731.7 mm)12″ (305 mm)18″ x 9.5-11.5″5.4″ (137.3 mm)
305/60R1832.4x12R1832.4″ (823.2 mm)12″ (305 mm)18″ x 8.5-11.0″7.2″ (183 mm)
305/65R1833.6x12R1833.6″ (853.7 mm)12″ (305 mm)18″ x 8.5-11.0″7.8″ (198.3 mm)
305/70R1834.8x12R1834.8″ (884.2 mm)12″ (305 mm)18″ x 8.5-10.0″8.4″ (213.5 mm)
305/75R1836x12R1836″ (914.7 mm)12″ (305 mm)18″ x n/a9″ (228.8 mm)
305/25R1925x12R1925″ (635.1 mm)12″ (305 mm)19″ x 10.5-11.5″3″ (76.3 mm)
305/30R1926.2x12R1926.2″ (665.6 mm)12″ (305 mm)19″ x 10.5-11.5″3.6″ (91.5 mm)
305/35R1927.4x12R1927.4″ (696.1 mm)12″ (305 mm)19″ x 10.0-12.0″4.2″ (106.8 mm)
305/25R2026x12R2026″ (660.5 mm)12″ (305 mm)20″ x 10.5-11.5″3″ (76.3 mm)
305/30R2027.2x12R2027.2″ (691 mm)12″ (305 mm)20″ x 10.5-11.5″3.6″ (91.5 mm)
305/35R2028.4x12R2028.4″ (721.5 mm)12″ (305 mm)20″ x 10.0-12.0″4.2″ (106.8 mm)
305/40R2029.6x12R2029.6″ (752 mm)12″ (305 mm)20″ x 10.0-12.0″4.8″ (122 mm)
305/45R2030.8x12R2030.8″ (782.5 mm)12″ (305 mm)20″ x 9.5-11.5″5.4″ (137.3 mm)
305/50R2032x12R2032″ (813 mm)12″ (305 mm)20″ x 8.5-11.0″6″ (152.5 mm)
305/55R2033.2x12R2033.2″ (843.5 mm)12″ (305 mm)20″ x 8.5-10.0″6.6″ (167.8 mm)
305/60R2034.4x12R2034.4″ (874 mm)12″ (305 mm)20″ x 8.5-11.0″7.2″ (183 mm)
305/25R2127x12R2127″ (685.9 mm)12″ (305 mm)21″ x 10.5-11.5″3″ (76.3 mm)
305/30R2128.2x12R2128.2″ (716.4 mm)12″ (305 mm)21″ x 10.5-11.5″3.6″ (91.5 mm)
305/35R2129.4x12R2129.4″ (746.9 mm)12″ (305 mm)21″ x 10.0-12.0″4.2″ (106.8 mm)
305/25R2228x12R2228″ (711.3 mm)12″ (305 mm)22″ x 10.5-11.5″3″ (76.3 mm)
305/30R2229.2x12R2229.2″ (741.8 mm)12″ (305 mm)22″ x 10.5-11.5″3.6″ (91.5 mm)
305/35R2230.4x12R2230.4″ (772.3 mm)12″ (305 mm)22″ x 10.0-12.0″4.2″ (106.8 mm)
305/40R2231.6x12R2231.6″ (802.8 mm)12″ (305 mm)22″ x 10.0-12.0″4.8″ (122 mm)
305/45R2232.8x12R2232.8″ (833.3 mm)12″ (305 mm)22″ x 9.5-11.5″5.4″ (137.3 mm)
305/50R2234x12R2234″ (863.8 mm)12″ (305 mm)22″ x 8.5-11.0″6″ (152.5 mm)
305/55R2235.2x12R2235.2″ (894.3 mm)12″ (305 mm)22″ x n/a6.6″ (167.8 mm)
305/25R2329x12R2329″ (736.7 mm)12″ (305 mm)23″ x 10.5-11.5″3″ (76.3 mm)
305/35R2331.4x12R2331.4″ (797.7 mm)12″ (305 mm)23″ x 10.0-12.0″4.2″ (106.8 mm)
305/40R2332.6x12R2332.6″ (828.2 mm)12″ (305 mm)23″ x 10.0-12.0″4.8″ (122 mm)
305/35R2432.4x12R2432.4″ (823.1 mm)12″ (305 mm)24″ x 10.0-12.0″4.2″ (106.8 mm)
305/40R2433.6x12R2433.6″ (853.6 mm)12″ (305 mm)24″ x 10.0-12.0″4.8″ (122 mm)
305/45R2434.8x12R2434.8″ (884.1 mm)12″ (305 mm)24″ x 9.5-11.5″5.4″ (137.3 mm)
305/25R2632x12R2632″ (812.9 mm)12″ (305 mm)26″ x 10.5-11.5″3″ (76.3 mm)
305/30R2633.2x12R2633.2″ (843.4 mm)12″ (305 mm)26″ x 10.5-11.5″3.6″ (91.5 mm)
305/35R2634.4x12R2634.4″ (873.9 mm)12″ (305 mm)26″ x n/a4.2″ (106.8 mm)
305/25R3238x12R3238″ (965.3 mm)12″ (305 mm)32″ x n/a3″ (76.3 mm)
305 tire sizes (Source: Tire Size Guide)

Is A 305 Tire Good?

These 305 tires will be the best fit for trucks, SUVs, or towing cars to carry heavy loads off-road. Their wider contact area also gains more grip, ensuring stability on the road. If you’re on a budget or want more comfortable rides, this is not a great choice.

Loading Capacity

The wider footprint and robust construction allow these wide tires to handle heavier loads with ease. For example, when properly inflated, my 305 tires with a load index of 110 can support a maximum load of approximately 2,337 pounds (1,060 kilograms) per tire.

This makes them well-suited for trucks, SUVs, or other cars for towing, hauling, or carrying substantial cargo. Whether transporting equipment for work or embarking on a road trip with a fully-loaded vehicle, these tires provide the necessary support and reliability.


Their construction and materials are designed to withstand the rigors of daily driving, including challenging road conditions, varying temperatures, and extended mileage. 

High-quality 305 tire dimensions are often engineered with reinforced sidewalls and advanced tread compounds, offering resistance to punctures, cuts, and other forms of wear and tear.


The wider width of these tires creates a larger contact patch with the road, resulting in improved grip and handling. Whether you’re navigating sharp turns, accelerating on highways, or driving on uneven surfaces, 35-inch tires offer a heightened sense of stability.

The reduced sidewall flex minimizes rolls and sways, promoting enhanced control and confidence behind the wheel.


Performance - Traction

This type of tire provides commendable traction on various surfaces, including dry roads, wet pavement, and even light snow. The wider footprint and specially designed tread patterns optimize grip, channeling water away from the larger tire surface to prevent hydroplaning.

This ensures better handling and responsiveness, allowing you to maintain control and confidence in different driving scenarios.

Quick Rundown Of 305 Tire

Quick Rundown Of 305 Tire


  • Enhanced Traction: It provides a larger contact patch with the road surface, resulting in improved traction. This can be particularly advantageous when grip is essential, such as in wet or snowy conditions.
  • Stability: The wider footprint of a 305 tire contributes to increased stability while driving. It offers better handling and responsiveness, allowing for confident maneuvering around corners and during high-speed driving.
  • Improved Handling: With a wider tire, there is reduced sidewall flex, resulting in enhanced handling capabilities. These terrain tires are less prone to rolling or swaying during aggressive turns, providing better control over the vehicle.
  • Enhanced Aesthetic: Many people opt for wider tires like the 305 wheel size for their cars due to the visual appeal they offer. The broader stance and beefier look of these tires can significantly enhance the overall appearance of a car or truck.
  • Load-Carrying Capacity: Wide section tires often have higher load-carrying capacities. This makes them suitable for vehicles that can handle heavy loads, such as trucks or SUVs used for towing or hauling.
  • Off-Road Capability: It can enhance off-road performance by providing better traction on uneven terrain. It helps the tire grip loose surfaces like mud, sand, or gravel, allowing for improved off-road adventures.
  • Heat Dissipation: Wider tires tend to have better heat dissipation properties. The larger surface area helps dissipate heat generated during driving, reducing the risk of overheating and promoting longer tire life.


  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency: Wider tires can lead to decreased fuel efficiency. The additional friction between the tire and the road requires more energy to maintain forward motion, resulting in increased fuel consumption.
  • Limited Fitment: Not all vehicles can accommodate 305 tire sizes. Depending on the make and model of your automobile, there may be limitations on the maximum tire width that can be safely installed.
  • Increased Cost: Wider tires tend to be more expensive than narrower ones. The larger size and additional materials used in manufacturing contribute to higher prices.
  • Potential Clearance Issues: The tires may lead to clearance issues, particularly in vehicles with limited wheel well space or suspension components.
  • Noise and Ride Comfort: Wider tires can generate more road noise due to increased contact with the road surface. Additionally, the stiffer sidewalls of wider tires can result in a firmer ride and potentially reduce overall comfort, especially on uneven or rough roads.
  • Snow Performance: While these tires may offer better traction in some conditions, they can be less effective in snowy or icy conditions. The wider footprint may cause the tire to float on top of the snow rather than biting into it, reducing grip and handling on slippery surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Wheels Fit 305?

A common guideline is to use wheels with a width ranging from 9 to 11 inches for a 305 tire. Still, the specific wheel fitment can depend on various factors such as the vehicle make and model, suspension setup, desired offset, and clearance considerations.

Can I Fit 305 On 10 Inch Rim?

Yes, a 305 tire can generally be fitted on a 10-inch rim. The recommended rim width range for a 305 tire is typically 9 to 11 inches, so a 10-inch rim falls within that range.

Will 305 Fit On Mustang?

Yes, a 305 tire can fit on a Mustang, depending on the specific model and modifications. Some Mustang models, particularly those with wider fender wells or performance-oriented trims, may have enough clearance to accommodate a 305 tire.

The Bottom Line

The 305 tires offer a wider width that enhances traction, stability, and visual appeal. Whether you’re considering them for a truck, SUV, or performance car, understanding their compatibility and considering the specific needs of your automobile is crucial.

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